A Little Tarot Romance . . .



I have participated in reading  Tarot cards at several festivals this summer, and I have many more coming up.  Inevitably more often than not I will get the question, “tell me about my love life.”  Well, I want everyone to have a great love life; especially since I am insanely crazy about my husband. 

two of cups

There is the Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, 10 of Cups, The Star and even the Ace of Pentacles.  Your client shuffles; you lay out the spread; your client is awaiting on your every word.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes up pertaining to romance.  I lay out four more cards to see if romance is in the future–Nothing.

three of swords




The client is looking worried and tears are forming.  I tell the client there are things that must be worked on as indicated in the cards, before a romance can appear, to please check back with me in three months and see what the cards say.  The client always agrees that she knows that she is not at place of dating but wants to know that someone wants her.

I can offset a lot of worry sometimes, if in a reading, the marriage card comes up, and the client feels assured of future romantic security.

Like I said I want everyone to be as romantically happy as I am and will look for the cards and combinations that will bring that happiness.

Hugs and kisses


Tarot Waiting Room

1920 reading room

I have decided to turn my front room into a Tarot Waiting Room for the summer. It looks over a small garden and the room is full of greenery.

I meditate in this room so the room is fully charged with energy and their spirit guides.  A scented candle is lit and relaxing new age music is playing.  I offer sweet tea to drink.

Tarot Waiting Room 1

It is always a good thing to have the client come a few minutes early to compose themselves. Conversation to relax before a reading is especially nice for newcomers to tarot.

I find the Waiting Room especially good when I have groups that come three at a time. The music keeps them from hearing the current client’s reading.  For those of you who are wondering, I read in my dining room on an 1885 walnut Eastlake table that occasionally table knocks.




Sharon Downie, Tarot Consultant

Reading At

Bradley Beach Lobsterfest

500 Ocean Ave.

Bradley Beach, NJ

June 25 & 26, 2016

Saturday – 11 AM to 8 PM

 Sunday – 11 AM to 6 PMLobster fest.jpg

  • Free Event!
  • 6 Bands and Emcee/DJ Playing Requests
  • HUGE beer and wine garden
  • Over 150 craft & specialty vendors
  • Great oceanfront location
  • Children activities including water slide, rides, face painters and sand art.

SHARON DOWNIE, TAROT CONSULTANT, will be reading in Space 98.  Stop for a reading or to say hello.  Please make an effort to attend. I assure you, you will have a great time.  See you there.


Day of Grace


Today is Father’s Day.  There is chatter in my house but no talk of Amy, my husband’s, only child, a little girl who died at the age of three.  Do you recognize the day or not.  He has chosen not.    Still I cannot stay home on this day.  I know he loves fishing so I ask him if he wants to go to Island State Park, NJ.  If I want to, he’ll go.  So we go.

He makes it clear he won’t catch any fish because the conditions are not right, but we pick up lunch and bait and head over to the park hoping it is not filled up. The park is open and we are on our way.

Island State Park has maintained its original terrain, and we feel blessed each every time driving on these wild, natural grounds. There are biking trails, bird sanctuaries, wild-life sanctuaries, swimming, a light house, etc. Today we are heading to the fishing beach.  So we let the air out of tires and off to driving on the beach.

Island_Beach_State_Park_New_Jersey.JPG with truck.JPG

It is a joy driving and seeing the dogs running in the water.  I love dogs.  Not only do I people watch but I dog watch. We find a space and my husband sets upon the business of fishing. Me, I read my kindle. Surprisingly, the friendly guy that my husband is, spent his time talking to passer-bys.

The day went quickly.  To be out in the salt air, surrounded by the ocean was the best gift I could have given my husband this Father’s Day.

He left smiling and wanting an ice cream cone. Perfect ending. Oh by the way, he did not catch any fish.

I Want My Money’s Worth

I notice people are always trying to extend their tarot readings when it really isn’t necessary.  With education and color tarotpreparation you can walk away satisfied that you got your ‘money’s worth’.

So your good friend told you about this amazingly, accurate tarot card reader.  She is rather high priced, but your friend assured you that she is worth it. Here are some tips that can help you get the most from your reading.

  • Make sure your expectations are realistic.  Tarot is a psychological tool which can help with the here and now and not necessarily a predicative feature (though it can be in some cases).
  • Shuffle a reasonable time and not just three times. Concentrate on what you want to know.  I read your shuffle so it is important for me to see how you handle the cards.
  • Though other questions may come up as a result of your basic reading, come prepared with three questions. Do not be vague.
  • If your reader is off course, tell her. If she is on course, let her know so she can be more detailed.  I am a tarot card reader and not a psychic.
  • Expect that your reader speaks clearly and not “woo woo” talk.  She should be knowledgeable about each and every card and not have to look up meanings.  Furthermore, she should spend the time you have paid for talking about your tarot and not other stories

I hope you can find that tarot reader that clicks with you.  You will find it as an extra resource for you or just plain entertainment.


Journaling – June 7, 2016

This time last month I was at home writing press releases, sending mailings and handing out my business card to potential clients.  I was getting readings but not enough to fulfill my dream cropped-cropped-sharon-and-potatoe.jpgof purchasing a second home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

One night I prayed, “Please God, help me ascertain more customers.”  It must have been 15 minutes later and my girlfriend, Donna, telephoned and asked if I knew a tarot reader for her boutique, AMBIANCE.  Of course, I jumped off the couch, and screamed in the phone — ME!

My life has changed since that day.  I work at AMBIANCE, 707 Arnold Ave., Pt. Pleasant, NJ., Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 PM until 9 PM.  Little did I realize having some place to read was going to be such an esteem raiser.  Thanks Donna for the opportunity.  I read at the Ocean Grove Flea Market at the AMBIANCE tent, this past weekend, which was very successful and has led to future Tarot Parties.