The World and Gratitude

world 3

At last you made it to the end of the WORLD.

We can assume perfect balance has been met working the major arcana of  the Tarot.  Finally, self-realization is realized, and we are taken back to earth.  “Completion” is the word I use when reading this powerful card.  It’s time to bring things full circle and tie-up loose ends.

Celebration, ceremony and joy are in order.  You are where you ought to be.  NOW is your time.

But — what about gratitude.  Yes, the WORLD is yours, and you sure have been brought to your knees; but aren’t you a better person.  How about that addiction you overcame. Are not your finances in the best shape they ever been?  And I could go on about how improved relationships are.

I believe gratitude should be final the blessing and the fulfillment of the WORLD.

Dear Universe, I thank you for helping me work through my tarot journey.  At times, I did not believe I  would make it.  But lovingly you sent your Guides and Angels to help with the lessons.  I am grateful to be at last at the WORLD and am blessed by your everlasting faith. –your servant




Sharon L. Downie, Tarot Consultant has relocated . . . .

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I am now located at:

1111 Arnold Avenue

Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742

(Inside the THERAPHI office, an alternative wellness center)

Telephone Number No: 908 489-1793

Hours:  Sunday 12-4; Wednesday through Saturday 11-4


One (1) Question —– $10.00

20 Minutes ————– $30.00

30 Minutes ————– $55.00

60 Minutes ————– $85.00


Have some entertainment and have your tarot cards read by a professional.



















tarot death


TAROT MEANING:  A sudden ending.  Transformation.  Renewal.


I should have known that death was coming.  Eleven horned owls outside my window one evening and the death card combination appearing in my Tarot reading.  Still I didn’t think of  my 96 year-old mother.  I always believed she would live to 100 because she was doing so well.  Yes, it was sudden.  But still she is my mother, and I miss her cranky self.

I find it amazing that I can look to the tarot for my meditations and answers.  The Death card tells me my mom is transformed.  I hope for a time to a beautiful angel to watch over new born babies that she dearly loved.  I know Tarot promises happiness with the Sun card and a completion of this life with the World card.  What’s next?  Well, you know, The Fool card.  Stepping off to a new life with all the innocence and adventure a new soul can have.


Time to seek a professional . . .

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Yesterday, I had a telephone call from a client which in the beginning was pleasant.  I was glad to hear from Amy (not her real name).  Every time I read her tarot cards in the past, they were packed with burdens and lessons she must face.  I was eager to get a baseline on her for she had a full reading two months ago.

The baseline was not promising.  I asked her what her question was.  Amy had to leave her drug-infested neighborhood in a short amount of time and other numerous things were happening at the same time.  She was overwhelmed and broke down hysterically.  I did another spread and told her a move would bring her a clearing and that she would be able to find a house; but she was unable to get herself under control.

I asked Amy if she had any family support or a good friend she could talk to at this time.  There wasn’t any family and she was isolating.  I suggested it would not be a bad idea to talk with a social worker or psychologist to get her bearings.  Unfortunately, I was not from the same area she was but would get in touch with my contact for a referral and get back to her.  It is easy to reach out to a psychic or a tarot card reader in times of stress, but don’t forget a professional social worker or psychologist can give you the tools you need to weather the storm.


Psychic & Healing Expo


I will be reading Tarot and Oracle Cards at Stacy J. Zemon’s amazing event that offers Psychic and Card Readings; Mediumship; Crystals & Gemstones; Spiritual Jewelry; Wellness; Nutritional and Beauty Products; Aura Photos; Spiritual/Metaphysical Books; Chair Massage; Reflexology; Reiki; Healing; Astrological Reports; Gifts and other products and services that are Metaphysical, Spiritual, Holistic, or Natural.

I look forward to meeting you.