Sharon L. Downie, Tarot Consultant has relocated . . . .

flyer office


I am now located at:

1111 Arnold Avenue

Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742

(Inside the THERAPHI office, an alternative wellness center)

Telephone Number No: 908 489-1793

Hours:  Sunday 12-4; Wednesday through Saturday 11-4


One (1) Question —– $10.00

20 Minutes ————– $30.00

30 Minutes ————– $55.00

60 Minutes ————– $85.00


Have some entertainment and have your tarot cards read by a professional.



















tarot death


TAROT MEANING:  A sudden ending.  Transformation.  Renewal.


I should have known that death was coming.  Eleven horned owls outside my window one evening and the death card combination appearing in my Tarot reading.  Still I didn’t think of  my 96 year-old mother.  I always believed she would live to 100 because she was doing so well.  Yes, it was sudden.  But still she is my mother, and I miss her cranky self.

I find it amazing that I can look to the tarot for my meditations and answers.  The Death card tells me my mom is transformed.  I hope for a time to a beautiful angel to watch over new born babies that she dearly loved.  I know Tarot promises happiness with the Sun card and a completion of this life with the World card.  What’s next?  Well, you know, The Fool card.  Stepping off to a new life with all the innocence and adventure a new soul can have.


Time to seek a professional . . .

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Yesterday, I had a telephone call from a client which in the beginning was pleasant.  I was glad to hear from Amy (not her real name).  Every time I read her tarot cards in the past, they were packed with burdens and lessons she must face.  I was eager to get a baseline on her for she had a full reading two months ago.

The baseline was not promising.  I asked her what her question was.  Amy had to leave her drug-infested neighborhood in a short amount of time and other numerous things were happening at the same time.  She was overwhelmed and broke down hysterically.  I did another spread and told her a move would bring her a clearing and that she would be able to find a house; but she was unable to get herself under control.

I asked Amy if she had any family support or a good friend she could talk to at this time.  There wasn’t any family and she was isolating.  I suggested it would not be a bad idea to talk with a social worker or psychologist to get her bearings.  Unfortunately, I was not from the same area she was but would get in touch with my contact for a referral and get back to her.  It is easy to reach out to a psychic or a tarot card reader in times of stress, but don’t forget a professional social worker or psychologist can give you the tools you need to weather the storm.


Psychic & Healing Expo


I will be reading Tarot and Oracle Cards at Stacy J. Zemon’s amazing event that offers Psychic and Card Readings; Mediumship; Crystals & Gemstones; Spiritual Jewelry; Wellness; Nutritional and Beauty Products; Aura Photos; Spiritual/Metaphysical Books; Chair Massage; Reflexology; Reiki; Healing; Astrological Reports; Gifts and other products and services that are Metaphysical, Spiritual, Holistic, or Natural.

I look forward to meeting you.




SHARON DOWNIE at The Center of Light & Gratitude, New Egypt, New Jersey

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I am happy to announce I will be working at The Center of Light & Gratitude in the New Egypt Flea Market Village, 933 Monmouth Road, Building 9, New Egypt, New Jersey 08533, open Wednesday and Sunday 8 AM to 3 PM.

I will be partnering with resident Reiki Master, Debbie De Nourie (908 398-1722).  The Center of Light & Gratitude will serve as a place for adults and children to learn about the power of Reiki.  (Spiritually guided Life Force Energy) for healing and relaxation of the body, mind, emotions and spirit and for their treatment.  Debbie and The Center especially support those with chronic illness, pain, or other conditions.  Besides Reiki, my partner is knowledgeable in crystals, essential oils, healing oils, salt scrubs, bath salts and healing stone jewelry; all of which can be purchased at The Center.

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I will continue to read tarot and oracle cards at Ambiance, 707 Arnold Ave., Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey 08742 (908 489-1793) Fridays, 5 PM to 9 PM.  On Wednesdays and Sundays, I will be reading at The Center of Light & Gratitude in New Egypt Flea Market Village, Building 9.

In most people’s minds, “Tarot card reading” means a woman in flowing robes leaning over a small table in a candlelit room foretelling impending doom.  But that’s not really what tarot cards are about.  In fact, they’re not even really meant to tell your fortune or future.  According to THE HERMETIC ORDER OF THE GOLDEN DAWN, “The most powerful sources of information come from within; the tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.”  This is what I will help you to achieve so you will be able to live your life’s purpose clearly and with determination.

The Center of Light & Gratitude is an activity-oriented Center and in the past have held the following functions:

  • Jason’s Crystal Bowls Sound Healing Meditations
  • Debra Shaw Massage
  • Candle-making Workshop
  • Crystal Bowls Frame Drum Meditation
  • Psychic Fair
  • 4 Paws4Hope Adoption

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Please plan to spend either a Wednesday or Sunday (8 AM to 3 PM) at the New Egypt Flea Market Village; a quaint, rustic village that offers offers a wide variety of vendors selling collectibles to furniture, new and antique, and visit The Center of Light & Gratitude.  The Center is conveniently located in the back row, Building 9.  There is ample parking.

Debbie and I look forward to meeting you.





A Healer’s Home


Yesterday after a bountiful lunch at China Buffet, my girlfriend Lois, received a telephone call from a potential client.  Lois is a successful agent in estate sales in Ocean County, New Jersey.  The woman sounded anxious and made it clear that she would like to see Lois that afternoon.  Since I was in the car, I went along.

We found the house and was pleased to find it was large.  We were greeted by a pretty woman named Clare who again reiterated her pleasure that Lois came so soon.  The door was open and the first thing I saw was a velvet Indian quilt.  We were next taken to her  friend’s massage room which was filled with shells, stones and crystals.  I saw a large stone turtle on the floor which was for feng shui and a painted picture of the tarot card The Sun.

Clare told us the woman who owned the house was a healer.  She was only 68 and acquired the disease of dementia.  She now is in an assisted living home.  Not only did she heal people but created the most beautiful collages.  Her home is filled with antiques, American drums, Native American jewelry, crystals. statues, power animals, walking sticks, art. etc.  It was a feast for my eyes. The plants were prolific and beautiful.  You could see the energy in the air.

Before we left Clare gave us each a gift.  Lois got a small snake.  She likes snakes. I was very fortunate to be able to choose a crystal from the alter.

I am lucky that I will have another chance to go back to the sale and maybe you will too. Check on the internet site – Family Affair, Toms River, NJ in two weeks.