The World and Gratitude

world 3

At last you made it to the end of the WORLD.

We can assume perfect balance has been met working the major arcana of  the Tarot.  Finally, self-realization is realized, and we are taken back to earth.  “Completion” is the word I use when reading this powerful card.  It’s time to bring things full circle and tie-up loose ends.

Celebration, ceremony and joy are in order.  You are where you ought to be.  NOW is your time.

But — what about gratitude.  Yes, the WORLD is yours, and you sure have been brought to your knees; but aren’t you a better person.  How about that addiction you overcame. Are not your finances in the best shape they ever been?  And I could go on about how improved relationships are.

I believe gratitude should be final the blessing and the fulfillment of the WORLD.

Dear Universe, I thank you for helping me work through my tarot journey.  At times, I did not believe I  would make it.  But lovingly you sent your Guides and Angels to help with the lessons.  I am grateful to be at last at the WORLD and am blessed by your everlasting faith. –your servant




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