tarot death


TAROT MEANING:  A sudden ending.  Transformation.  Renewal.


I should have known that death was coming.  Eleven horned owls outside my window one evening and the death card combination appearing in my Tarot reading.  Still I didn’t think of  my 96 year-old mother.  I always believed she would live to 100 because she was doing so well.  Yes, it was sudden.  But still she is my mother, and I miss her cranky self.

I find it amazing that I can look to the tarot for my meditations and answers.  The Death card tells me my mom is transformed.  I hope for a time to a beautiful angel to watch over new born babies that she dearly loved.  I know Tarot promises happiness with the Sun card and a completion of this life with the World card.  What’s next?  Well, you know, The Fool card.  Stepping off to a new life with all the innocence and adventure a new soul can have.


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