Time to seek a professional . . .

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Yesterday, I had a telephone call from a client which in the beginning was pleasant.  I was glad to hear from Amy (not her real name).  Every time I read her tarot cards in the past, they were packed with burdens and lessons she must face.  I was eager to get a baseline on her for she had a full reading two months ago.

The baseline was not promising.  I asked her what her question was.  Amy had to leave her drug-infested neighborhood in a short amount of time and other numerous things were happening at the same time.  She was overwhelmed and broke down hysterically.  I did another spread and told her a move would bring her a clearing and that she would be able to find a house; but she was unable to get herself under control.

I asked Amy if she had any family support or a good friend she could talk to at this time.  There wasn’t any family and she was isolating.  I suggested it would not be a bad idea to talk with a social worker or psychologist to get her bearings.  Unfortunately, I was not from the same area she was but would get in touch with my contact for a referral and get back to her.  It is easy to reach out to a psychic or a tarot card reader in times of stress, but don’t forget a professional social worker or psychologist can give you the tools you need to weather the storm.


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