A Healer’s Home


Yesterday after a bountiful lunch at China Buffet, my girlfriend Lois, received a telephone call from a potential client.  Lois is a successful agent in estate sales in Ocean County, New Jersey.  The woman sounded anxious and made it clear that she would like to see Lois that afternoon.  Since I was in the car, I went along.

We found the house and was pleased to find it was large.  We were greeted by a pretty woman named Clare who again reiterated her pleasure that Lois came so soon.  The door was open and the first thing I saw was a velvet Indian quilt.  We were next taken to her  friend’s massage room which was filled with shells, stones and crystals.  I saw a large stone turtle on the floor which was for feng shui and a painted picture of the tarot card The Sun.

Clare told us the woman who owned the house was a healer.  She was only 68 and acquired the disease of dementia.  She now is in an assisted living home.  Not only did she heal people but created the most beautiful collages.  Her home is filled with antiques, American drums, Native American jewelry, crystals. statues, power animals, walking sticks, art. etc.  It was a feast for my eyes. The plants were prolific and beautiful.  You could see the energy in the air.

Before we left Clare gave us each a gift.  Lois got a small snake.  She likes snakes. I was very fortunate to be able to choose a crystal from the alter.

I am lucky that I will have another chance to go back to the sale and maybe you will too. Check on the internet site EstateSales.net – Family Affair, Toms River, NJ in two weeks.

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