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So often the non-professional tarot reader either denies their talent or poohs,  poohs and ask, “do you really think I’m good?” Many times relearning the tarot over and over again from many different books not as a resource but through insecurity

There are several things that can be done to build a rapport with tarot cards.

  • Have your cards blessed.
  • Pick a card a day for yourself and write down its meanings.
  • Sleep with your cards under your pillow
  • Handle your cards when you are not reading.
  • How do  certain cards feel–cold, warm, dark, flowing?
  • Most important of all, look at your cards.  Do you see an aura?  How about the symbols that important to you alone.
  • Meditate and talk to your spirit guide once a day.  Enlist your spirit guide to partner with reading the tarot cards.

Doing these simple steps will ensure a spiritual and psychic reading besides the tarot knowledge that is already known.

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