Depression and Tarot


This blog is about my depression which I have been tolerating for the past three weeks.  I do all the normal depressive things such as spend most of my day laying on the sofa watching ID, not eating, going for days without combing my hair and so on.  My psychiatrist in my clinic, who I have been appointed has been unsympathetic in the past, so I don’t bother to telephone him anymore.



Are the tarot cards my friend or my foe?  I shuffle the cards and before I pick one, I tell my Spirit Guide I don’t want any any sickening positive card like the “Sun”.  I choose the “Six of Swords”.  One word comes to mind–move.  Yes, move.  Get up and exercise; get up and clean my house; get up and telephone a friend–move do something.


Next card I choose is “Ten of Wands”.  I am overwhelmed by tasks that have a future deadline and my thoughts.  Having them go round and round my head is not doing any good.  In my movement I need the discipline to make a list so my thoughts are not so scary.

The last card  I pick is the “Ten of Swords”–destruction; the end.  I believe it is the end of the depression.

The above is good advice for anyone going through depression.  The cards told me what to do. Can I get off the couch?  May be for today I can.  If I want relief from my thoughts I’ll make the list.  I don’t know if it will cure my depression, but it is a step.  I know it felt better to tell you about it, so I want to thank you for listening.


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