Reading the Physically Challenged


His caretaker was wheeling him in his wheelchair straight toward me.  “Let’s get a tarot card reading Philip,” she said.  I said to myself, please don’t.  But no sooner than a cat has milk drunk, the caretaker had my table rearranged for her patient.

Philip.  Philip could not move his limbs or his head and according to his disease did not have a future.  I pray to my God that I can give him a proper reading.  The worst thing I can do is humor him.

I shuffle the cards for Philip and his caretaker touches them to his hand. I do my usual partial Celtic Cross and the cards come out perfectly.  I thank my God and spirit guide and get on with the business of interpretation.  The Hanged Man was prominent in his reading. Yes it meant stagnation, but also a calmness and a desire to be footloose.  His cards were very appropriate:  Page of Pentacles, Nine of Swords, Chariot, The Magician, and The Hermit.  It was not surprising that it was heavy on the Major Arcana.

What would I do if the cards came out some other way?  I would still read them with a positive approach; looking for personality traits for Philip. Never would I lie or make something up.

I have to say I now feel confident reading the physically challenged.

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