A Little Tarot Romance . . .



I have participated in reading  Tarot cards at several festivals this summer, and I have many more coming up.  Inevitably more often than not I will get the question, “tell me about my love life.”  Well, I want everyone to have a great love life; especially since I am insanely crazy about my husband. 

two of cups

There is the Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, 10 of Cups, The Star and even the Ace of Pentacles.  Your client shuffles; you lay out the spread; your client is awaiting on your every word.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes up pertaining to romance.  I lay out four more cards to see if romance is in the future–Nothing.

three of swords




The client is looking worried and tears are forming.  I tell the client there are things that must be worked on as indicated in the cards, before a romance can appear, to please check back with me in three months and see what the cards say.  The client always agrees that she knows that she is not at place of dating but wants to know that someone wants her.

I can offset a lot of worry sometimes, if in a reading, the marriage card comes up, and the client feels assured of future romantic security.

Like I said I want everyone to be as romantically happy as I am and will look for the cards and combinations that will bring that happiness.

Hugs and kisses


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