Day of Grace


Today is Father’s Day.  There is chatter in my house but no talk of Amy, my husband’s, only child, a little girl who died at the age of three.  Do you recognize the day or not.  He has chosen not.    Still I cannot stay home on this day.  I know he loves fishing so I ask him if he wants to go to Island State Park, NJ.  If I want to, he’ll go.  So we go.

He makes it clear he won’t catch any fish because the conditions are not right, but we pick up lunch and bait and head over to the park hoping it is not filled up. The park is open and we are on our way.

Island State Park has maintained its original terrain, and we feel blessed each every time driving on these wild, natural grounds. There are biking trails, bird sanctuaries, wild-life sanctuaries, swimming, a light house, etc. Today we are heading to the fishing beach.  So we let the air out of tires and off to driving on the beach.

Island_Beach_State_Park_New_Jersey.JPG with truck.JPG

It is a joy driving and seeing the dogs running in the water.  I love dogs.  Not only do I people watch but I dog watch. We find a space and my husband sets upon the business of fishing. Me, I read my kindle. Surprisingly, the friendly guy that my husband is, spent his time talking to passer-bys.

The day went quickly.  To be out in the salt air, surrounded by the ocean was the best gift I could have given my husband this Father’s Day.

He left smiling and wanting an ice cream cone. Perfect ending. Oh by the way, he did not catch any fish.

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