Journaling – June 7, 2016

This time last month I was at home writing press releases, sending mailings and handing out my business card to potential clients.  I was getting readings but not enough to fulfill my dream cropped-cropped-sharon-and-potatoe.jpgof purchasing a second home in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

One night I prayed, “Please God, help me ascertain more customers.”  It must have been 15 minutes later and my girlfriend, Donna, telephoned and asked if I knew a tarot reader for her boutique, AMBIANCE.  Of course, I jumped off the couch, and screamed in the phone — ME!

My life has changed since that day.  I work at AMBIANCE, 707 Arnold Ave., Pt. Pleasant, NJ., Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 3 PM until 9 PM.  Little did I realize having some place to read was going to be such an esteem raiser.  Thanks Donna for the opportunity.  I read at the Ocean Grove Flea Market at the AMBIANCE tent, this past weekend, which was very successful and has led to future Tarot Parties.



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