A Healer’s Home


Yesterday after a bountiful lunch at China Buffet, my girlfriend Lois, received a telephone call from a potential client.  Lois is a successful agent in estate sales in Ocean County, New Jersey.  The woman sounded anxious and made it clear that she would like to see Lois that afternoon.  Since I was in the car, I went along.

We found the house and was pleased to find it was large.  We were greeted by a pretty woman named Clare who again reiterated her pleasure that Lois came so soon.  The door was open and the first thing I saw was a velvet Indian quilt.  We were next taken to her  friend’s massage room which was filled with shells, stones and crystals.  I saw a large stone turtle on the floor which was for feng shui and a painted picture of the tarot card The Sun.

Clare told us the woman who owned the house was a healer.  She was only 68 and acquired the disease of dementia.  She now is in an assisted living home.  Not only did she heal people but created the most beautiful collages.  Her home is filled with antiques, American drums, Native American jewelry, crystals. statues, power animals, walking sticks, art. etc.  It was a feast for my eyes. The plants were prolific and beautiful.  You could see the energy in the air.

Before we left Clare gave us each a gift.  Lois got a small snake.  She likes snakes. I was very fortunate to be able to choose a crystal from the alter.

I am lucky that I will have another chance to go back to the sale and maybe you will too. Check on the internet site EstateSales.net – Family Affair, Toms River, NJ in two weeks.

Share Your Passion



So often the non-professional tarot reader either denies their talent or poohs,  poohs and ask, “do you really think I’m good?” Many times relearning the tarot over and over again from many different books not as a resource but through insecurity

There are several things that can be done to build a rapport with tarot cards.

  • Have your cards blessed.
  • Pick a card a day for yourself and write down its meanings.
  • Sleep with your cards under your pillow
  • Handle your cards when you are not reading.
  • How do  certain cards feel–cold, warm, dark, flowing?
  • Most important of all, look at your cards.  Do you see an aura?  How about the symbols that important to you alone.
  • Meditate and talk to your spirit guide once a day.  Enlist your spirit guide to partner with reading the tarot cards.

Doing these simple steps will ensure a spiritual and psychic reading besides the tarot knowledge that is already known.

Depression and Tarot


This blog is about my depression which I have been tolerating for the past three weeks.  I do all the normal depressive things such as spend most of my day laying on the sofa watching ID, not eating, going for days without combing my hair and so on.  My psychiatrist in my clinic, who I have been appointed has been unsympathetic in the past, so I don’t bother to telephone him anymore.



Are the tarot cards my friend or my foe?  I shuffle the cards and before I pick one, I tell my Spirit Guide I don’t want any any sickening positive card like the “Sun”.  I choose the “Six of Swords”.  One word comes to mind–move.  Yes, move.  Get up and exercise; get up and clean my house; get up and telephone a friend–move do something.


Next card I choose is “Ten of Wands”.  I am overwhelmed by tasks that have a future deadline and my thoughts.  Having them go round and round my head is not doing any good.  In my movement I need the discipline to make a list so my thoughts are not so scary.

The last card  I pick is the “Ten of Swords”–destruction; the end.  I believe it is the end of the depression.

The above is good advice for anyone going through depression.  The cards told me what to do. Can I get off the couch?  May be for today I can.  If I want relief from my thoughts I’ll make the list.  I don’t know if it will cure my depression, but it is a step.  I know it felt better to tell you about it, so I want to thank you for listening.


Reading the Physically Challenged


His caretaker was wheeling him in his wheelchair straight toward me.  “Let’s get a tarot card reading Philip,” she said.  I said to myself, please don’t.  But no sooner than a cat has milk drunk, the caretaker had my table rearranged for her patient.

Philip.  Philip could not move his limbs or his head and according to his disease did not have a future.  I pray to my God that I can give him a proper reading.  The worst thing I can do is humor him.

I shuffle the cards for Philip and his caretaker touches them to his hand. I do my usual partial Celtic Cross and the cards come out perfectly.  I thank my God and spirit guide and get on with the business of interpretation.  The Hanged Man was prominent in his reading. Yes it meant stagnation, but also a calmness and a desire to be footloose.  His cards were very appropriate:  Page of Pentacles, Nine of Swords, Chariot, The Magician, and The Hermit.  It was not surprising that it was heavy on the Major Arcana.

What would I do if the cards came out some other way?  I would still read them with a positive approach; looking for personality traits for Philip. Never would I lie or make something up.

I have to say I now feel confident reading the physically challenged.

NDZ Benefit and Gift Auction

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Maggie’s at the Lakewood Country Club

145 Country Club Drive – Lakewood, NJ 08701

tent tent
 I will be reading Tarot cards at the NDZ Benefit.

Please join us for a fundraiser to benefit Nick Zichella of Howell. Nick was diagnosed at the age of 4 with a disease called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, one of the rarest types, which is prominent in boys.  He was able to walk until the age of 9; he is now 19 and has been wheel chair bound for 10 years.  He is dependent on everyone around him, as he has no mobility in any of his limbs, something most people take for granted.

As years go by his muscles deteriorate more and more and the disease will eventually work its way to his heart.  Nick recently underwent a 19-hour surgery to make his spine straight.  He was in the hospital for 4 months, but is finally home.  This fundraiser is to raise money to help with Nick’s medical expenses as well as provide for a new hospital bed for him.  He is currently sleeping in a recliner, the only place that he is somewhat comfortable.

gift table
I am donating a 30 min. Tarot card reading to the Gift Auction.

Please join us July 23rd for music, a vendor fair, gift auction, 50/50 and more!

A Little Tarot Romance . . .



I have participated in reading  Tarot cards at several festivals this summer, and I have many more coming up.  Inevitably more often than not I will get the question, “tell me about my love life.”  Well, I want everyone to have a great love life; especially since I am insanely crazy about my husband. 

two of cups

There is the Ace of Cups, Two of Cups, 10 of Cups, The Star and even the Ace of Pentacles.  Your client shuffles; you lay out the spread; your client is awaiting on your every word.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, comes up pertaining to romance.  I lay out four more cards to see if romance is in the future–Nothing.

three of swords




The client is looking worried and tears are forming.  I tell the client there are things that must be worked on as indicated in the cards, before a romance can appear, to please check back with me in three months and see what the cards say.  The client always agrees that she knows that she is not at place of dating but wants to know that someone wants her.

I can offset a lot of worry sometimes, if in a reading, the marriage card comes up, and the client feels assured of future romantic security.

Like I said I want everyone to be as romantically happy as I am and will look for the cards and combinations that will bring that happiness.

Hugs and kisses


Tarot Waiting Room

1920 reading room

I have decided to turn my front room into a Tarot Waiting Room for the summer. It looks over a small garden and the room is full of greenery.

I meditate in this room so the room is fully charged with energy and their spirit guides.  A scented candle is lit and relaxing new age music is playing.  I offer sweet tea to drink.

Tarot Waiting Room 1

It is always a good thing to have the client come a few minutes early to compose themselves. Conversation to relax before a reading is especially nice for newcomers to tarot.

I find the Waiting Room especially good when I have groups that come three at a time. The music keeps them from hearing the current client’s reading.  For those of you who are wondering, I read in my dining room on an 1885 walnut Eastlake table that occasionally table knocks.